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Common Questions and Answers

Q:  What level of product knowledge or experience is required?  

Sales Made Simple functions as real-time, truly practical product training, allowing new hires to competently sell on Day 1.  This means you can hire based on potential and not just knowledge and experience.  

 Q:  Is the Sales Made Simple Platform only useful for inexperienced salespeople?  

Sales Made Simple has been a powerful a solution for even the most experienced sales associates.  Our platform gives sales associates instant access to information that they would otherwise have to retrieve via traditional means such as catalogues or internet searches.  Additionally, it has allowed them to keep up with products updates and ensure they are quoting with speed and complete accuracy while capturing every add-on opportunity.  

 Q:  What insight will Sales Made Simple provide decision makers on our team? 

Sales Made Simples Advanced Analytics Dashboard provides comprehensive data analytics in real time derived directly from users’ activity.  The data provided is easy to understand and analyze, allowing decision makers to evaluate strengths and areas of opportunity within their salesforce.  Additionally, our data analytics will also effectively reveal potential gaps in inventory that otherwise may not have been captured through traditional order entry systems.  

 Q:  What positions in my company could benefit from this software? 

Sales Made Simple's Cloud-Based Sales Platform is easily accessible via a mobile, laptop, or desktop device.  Furthermore, it can be used offline, allowing it to truly be used anywhere and at any time.  From outside sales people, to inside and counter sales people and even the location managers, Sales Made Simple gives anyone who can speak with a customer and "get to yes" the ability to do so quickly and accurately

 Q:  What makes Sales Made Simple different?

Our team has extensive experience and insight in the wholesale distribution industry. We have been where you are and we get it. That is why we offer complete customization of design layout and brands offered to every single one of our customers. Ensuring that Sales Made Simple fits your team like a glove - all the time, every time.

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