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Optimize Your Sales Force
Maximize Your Sales

Combining Intuitive Guided Selling + Powerful CPQ Capabilities = The Ultimate Platform to Provide Unprecedented Efficiency, Revenue Generation, and Profitability

Dramatically Grow Your Sales and Profits...

...While Lowering Your Costs.

Our Story

We have decades of success in building programs that allow people, (regardless of experience) to  successfully sell products with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.  Since we began, we have helped our clients achieve unprecedented sales growth  with multiple products across multiple channels.  

Our Mission

Simply put, we want to make selling easy for people and let them create wins.  Everyone loves to win, and our goal is to help every sales associate win as much as possible and make the process of doing so both simple and easy.

Our Technology

Both fast and powerful, Sales Made Simple's Sales Optimization Platform combines the capabilities of advanced CPQ software with the simplicity and ease of Amazon.  The end result is a solution that has led to increased productivity, sales, and overall profitability.    

Who are we
How it works

Game-Changing Capabilities



Laptop?  Phone?  No Problem!  Sales Made Simple can be used across all devices (desktop, laptop or mobile) and with any operating system, such as Windows, Android, and iOS.  It can also work with virtual desktop platforms such as Citrix.  



Sales Made Simple can be designed around the products or services that your organization sells and catered to the methodologies you follow.  What's most important is that regardless of the level of customization, the interface will remain simple and easy to use.  This will ensure fast onboarding and, more critically, immediate buy-in from your users.  



The ability for your sales team to be successful no longer requires a signal.  Unlike other software, our Sales Optimization Platform can be used regardless of the presence of an internet connection, making your sales team powerful even when the power is out.  


Sales Made Simple's Simple and Easy-To-Use platform will give someone even with little-to-no knowledge or experience the ability to answer the right questions and provide a Complete and Accurate proposal to a customer in less than a minute.  Our platform is so intuitive it will also successfully train users on the products they are selling.  



Our unique and powerful Advanced Analytics Dashboard provides key insights that are easy-to-digest, allowing decision makers to review, analyze, and make decisions effectively and efficiently from anywhere.  

What it can do

What Sales Made Simple Has Done For Our Clients

  • Increased daily associate productivity by more than 30%.

  • Dramatically reduced onboarding and training times for associates.  

  • Significantly reduced sales cycle times by as much as 90%

  • Streamlined communications between all parties involved in the sale

  • Reduced errors & inaccuracies by over 90%

  • Increased revenues by over 350% and unit sales by over 250%

  • Eliminated the need for catalogs, sheets, and the Internet to look up product information and part numbers

  • Dramatically increased profitable up-sells, add-ons, and cross-sells

  • Allowed for even complex products and systems to be built and quoted in minutes or less

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What's Included

  • Complete Design Customization               

  • Data Migration and Management              

  • Complete Guided Selling Customization                                                

  • Continuous On-The-Fly Customization                                            

  • Customized CPQ (Configure / Price / Quote) System Logic for basic and advanced system-building.  

  • Complete Catalog Upload and Updating

  • E-Commerce Integration

  • Free Updates                                       

  • Complete Training and Technical Support​ that is always available.      

  • ​Complete Proposal Document Generation with Option to Export and Save For Easy Retrieval at a Later Date.  

  • ERP Integration

  • No Implementation Fees or Billable Hours                                      

  • Complete Analytics Dashboard for Managers


What You Get
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